Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Opening the hatch from inside without power

Locked out with  no power on your Prius? Luckily Toyota thought of that. Assuming you can get a door open, which should be possible with the key if you followed my advice on this post, you can get to the back of the car, fold the rear seats down and gain access to the hatch area. Once in there, take out the floor cover and the tray, exposing the spare wheel.
Right under the hatch lock mechanism, on the rear panel of the car, you'll see an oval hole (marked on the picture below). Inside that hole is a tiny metal lever that will unlock the hatch.

This image is of a second generation Prius but I'm told the lever is in the same place on the later models as well, just a little more awkward to get at and under a plastic cover that you'd  need to remove.

Of course, if all you want to do is get power to the thing to jumpstart it or recharge the battery, you don't actually need access to the battery. There's a jumpstart terminal in the fusebox under the bonnet at the front which you can also use to recharge. Take a look at my post, 2010/08/2005-prius-flat-battery, for details.

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